In every person there is a story to be told.


If you have ever started reading a book and quit after less than 25 pages because you know you could have written a better story than that.


If you have thought of a great story that you were sure people would want to read if only you could find someone to write it. You might be just right for the job.






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Allan E. Ansorge Every Life Needs a Little Mystery
Allan E. Ansorge Every Life Needs a Little Mystery
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Allan Ansorge

Allan Ansorge  is a well known author located in Hartford, Wisconsin whose recent work includes writing Crossing the Centerline and Crossing the Stateline.


Allan has achieved the following accolades for his writing:


"Crossing the Stateline has echoes of Evanovich. Ansorge's wit alone is worth the read, but there's a lot more here than that. Buy this book!"

Reed Farrel Coleman

Three time Shamus Award-winning author of "Innocent Monster" 


Writing a book is the art of listening to oneself.

Allan Ansorge

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Those of you who have wondered what went on in Bay Harbour before "Crossing the Centerline" are invited to spend an average holiday with the residents of everyone's hometown. Welcome to a Bay Harbour Christmas with Carl, Mike, Maggie and a few more of your friends.

Listen to the short story "Hugo's Turn"