Every Life Needs a Little Mystery
Every Life Needs a Little Mystery

About My Life as a Writer

I was born in Wisconsin and currently split my time between there and Florida. I find it a necessity to come back North occasionally where sanity is the norm, and people at least pretend to obey traffic laws.

I grew up in a small town where you didn't misbehave because everyone within ten miles would know about it in five minutes. It was a town where everyone under voting age knew anyone's mother could smack them if they chose to get out of line.


A four room schoolhouse didn't offer a large number of literary options but Crazy Quilt (a horse who slept in a bed covered with, you guessed it a QUILT!) and The Boxcar Children (orphan children raising themselves while they live in a.... you fill in the blank!) introduced the non-academic mind to story telling.


One might think not seeing a real library until I was a freshman in high school might have stunted my appetite for reading. In my case what had been withheld became a treasure. Picture if you will a teenage boy who actually read the articles in playboy. The joy of the written word stayed with me through my career in business and brought me to authorship later in life. As I say "late is much better than never."


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I always love to hear from my readers. Please don't hesitate to contact me at aansorge1307@charter.net.

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In every person there is a story to be told.


If you have ever started reading a book and quit after less than 25 pages because you know you could have written a better story than that.


If you have thought of a great story that you were sure people would want to read if only you could find someone to write it. You might be just right for the job.



I will be heading to the Creatures, Crimes, & Creativity coference on September 30th. Been there before and it is the most fun you can have in a hotel when you have yoiur clothes on. Come on along to the Sheaton Columbia iTown Center in Columbia MD.





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