Every Life Needs a Little Mystery
Every Life Needs a Little Mystery

Published Works by Allan Ansorge


Verie Close to Home  


published by Novelistic Publishing

Crossing the Centerline 


published by Novelistic Publishing

Crossing the Stateline 


published by Novelistic Publishing

A Midnight Clear 


published by Novelistic Publishing

Short Prose

Hugo's Turn by Allan Ansorge



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In every person there is a story to be told.


If you have ever started reading a book and quit after less than 25 pages because you know you could have written a better story than that.


If you have thought of a great story that you were sure people would want to read if only you could find someone to write it. You might be just right for the job.



I will be heading to the Creatures, Crimes, & Creativity coference on September 30th. Been there before and it is the most fun you can have in a hotel when you have yoiur clothes on. Come on along to the Sheaton Columbia iTown Center in Columbia MD.





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